Coaching Can Help Find Your Parenting Calm

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Katherine Salzberg
Parenting Coach

Hi, I’m Katherine Saltzberg, your parenting coach guide to a more joyful and effective parenting journey. I offer personalized strategies that are tailored specifically to your family, helping you build stronger relationships with your children and confidently tackle parenting challenges. My proven methods include actionable strategies tailored to your family’s unique dynamics. With my support, you’ll discover the joy and fulfillment in parenting, armed with tools that make a real difference. Let’s embark on this transformative journey together and turn your parenting aspirations into reality!

Find Your Parenting Calm


You want to feel in control at home. You want parenting to be joyous without so many difficulties. You imagine being a calm, confident, and unconditionally loving parent who helps your children grow into competent, thoughtful people with rock-solid self-esteem.

Sounds lovely, doesn’t it?

What I Do


You’re a busy mom. You’re stressed and anxious. Your kids won’t do anything you tell them to without a struggle. 

And what’s worse is that you and your spouse have more fights over the kids than anything else. You have really great kids but had no idea parenting was going to be this tough.

You can reclaim the joy of parenting. Let me help you find your calm now.


A seasoned, professional, and engaging public personality, I bring enthusiasm and humor to your group and can speak on a variety of parenting issues. 

I will offer your group practical parenting solutions that deliver results right away.

I love working with PTA/PTO presidents, parent groups, schools, churches, synagogues, seminars, and corporations.

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“A child’s self-esteem comes from the security that is provided by parents who balance love and authority in their caring for their child.”

~ John Rosemond, Parenting Expert

From the Blog
Wow, here is a woman who really knows what I’m going through as a parent! She totally “gets it” and puts it in perspective. I’ve been doing it all wrong (no wonder my kids are ruining my life!). Ok, now I’ve got to show my kids who’s really in control and no, it’s not my bossy 8 yr old. It’s me.

And I’m going to be IN CHARGE from now on. “I will not buy them that toy, I will not buy them that toy, please don’t let me cave in and buy them that toy…”


Encino, CA

Katherine has been my rock as my parenting coach. Some of her greatest qualities are: reliable, consistent, persistent, insightful and positive. I’m a single mother trained as a mental health professional so I’ve had some obstacles to overcome! Katherine has been steadfast and unwavering. She has helped me develop a plan and has helped me to stick with it. It’s working!

My daughter is learning to respect me. I can now see glimpses of what she will be like when she’s grown up – strong, independent, and kind… just like her mom!


Kansas City, MO

I just want you to know how thankful I am for all that you have done to help me be the best mom I can be to our son. I truly appreciate all your help, time and suggestions.

You have been a huge blessing in my life. Xo

Andrea Isaak

Chapel Hill, NC

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How to build competent kids RIGHT NOW!

How to build competent kids RIGHT NOW!

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I scream, you scream, we all scream…why???

I scream, you scream, we all scream…why???

Many of my clients tell me they scream at their kids and they feel horrible. Their kids do, too. Why are they screaming? I’ll tell you why. Because none of them feel they have the right to tell their children what to do. We’ve been told for so long now...

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