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Katherine Saltzberg

Katherine Saltzberg is one of my most competent parent coaches. She is, in fact, the ideal coach because she experienced the benefits of her training at a personal level, which she now passes on to other parents.

~ John Rosemond, Love & Leadership Founder

Ready to make a change?

Does this sound familiar?

  • You wish you could be consistent with consequences but you keep giving in.
  • You’ve done everything you can to make your kids happy, yet they still throw tantrums, whine, and complain.
  • You want to let them express themselves but don’t know where to draw the line.
  • Your kids treat adults with respect, except for you.
  • Getting them to lift a finger around the house is a major drama.
  • You are so anxious most of the time anticipating a struggle that your household is in chaos.
  • You try not to yell, but no one does anything unless you do. So you yell. And then you feel guilty.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

You can turn things around in a by making a few, simple changes. The power struggles you are experiencing can all be behind you after working with me.

You will enjoy parenting.

  • You will be calmer.
  • Your spouse/friends will notice a positive change in your relationships with them.
  • You’ll have more fun with your kids.

You will know that you have an experienced coach in your corner to support you and sometimes push you to be the parent you not only want to be but were meant to be.

Be the mom you were meant to be

My Services


You’re a busy mom. You’re stressed and anxious. Your kids won’t do anything you tell them to without a struggle. You and your spouse have more fights over the kids than anything else. You have really great kids but had no idea parenting was going to be this tough.

You can reclaim the joy of parenting. Let me help.

A seasoned, professional, and engaging public personality, I bring enthusiasm and humor to your group and can speak on a variety of parenting issues. Offer your group practical parenting solutions that deliver results. For PTAs, parent groups, schools, churches, synagogues, seminars, and corporations.


How to Have Empathy and Boundaries at the Same Time was an unequivocal hit with our parents at Millikan Middle School! Katherine’s presentation gave parents valuable insight into how to navigate the tricky years of middle school. Katherine engaged parents and effectively addressed their questions and concerns. She provided useful advice on how parents can give their children space while also navigating their children’s lives and education. We look forward to having Katherine back at Millikan next year!”

~ Dr. Paula Nelson Ed. D

How I Work


All Families Welcome

I work with moms, dads, single parents, blended families, same-sex, or non-traditional families. The only requirement necessary is a desire to make a change.


Initial Consultation

You can schedule free 20-minute consultation so you can tell me more about your family and learn how I can help.


Put It on The Table

We will get every parenting issue on the table and together we will determine which ones to tackle first. 


Bite-Size Action Items

We will address one problem at a time in a structured way using bite-sized, doable actions.


One at a Time

After the most pressing issue is addressed, we will move onto the next. Most often, when we address the biggest issues first, the smaller ones disappear (just like those pesky SnapChat photos).



I work with moms who have one or two problems or who have hit a sudden “bump-in-the-road” and need some support to get through it, and I work with moms who say raising children is like playing a constant game of “Whack A Mole.”

Package Pricing
Package Pricing

Happy Clients
Wow, here is a woman who really knows what I’m going through as a parent! She totally “gets it” and puts it in perspective. I’ve been doing it all wrong (no wonder my kids are ruining my life!). Ok, now I’ve got to show my kids who’s really in control and no, it’s not my bossy 8 yr old. It’s me.

And I’m going to be IN CHARGE from now on. “I will not buy them that toy, I will not buy them that toy, please don’t let me cave in and buy them that toy…”


Encino, CA

Katherine has been my rock as my parenting coach. Some of her greatest qualities are: reliable, consistent, persistent, insightful and positive. I’m a single mother trained as a mental health professional so I’ve had some obstacles to overcome! Katherine has been steadfast and unwavering. She has helped me develop a plan and has helped me to stick with it. It’s working!

My daughter is learning to respect me. I can now see glimpses of what she will be like when she’s grown up – strong, independent, and kind… just like her mom!


Kansas City, MO

I just want you to know how thankful I am for all that you have done to help me be the best mom I can be to our son. I truly appreciate all your help, time and suggestions.

You have been a huge blessing in my life. Xo

Andrea Isaak

Chapel Hill, NC