Meet Hannah, a supermom of five (ages 3 to 8) who, let’s be real, was on the brink of parenting burnout when she found me. She dove headfirst into the world of gentle parenting, convinced it was the golden ticket. Spoiler alert: it wasn’t.

Gentle parenting, with its constant questioning (“whys”), empathetic observations (“I see you’re angry”), and soft nudges, left her feeling like a one-woman circus. Wrangling a crew ranging from 3 to 8 years old with gentle explanations turned into a comedy of errors. Hannah realized she was drowning in the sea of gentle parenting, and her kids were floating aimlessly alongside.

Turns out, those little ones craved more than just philosophical discussions on toy cleanup. They needed mom to lay down the law and sprinkle some unconditional love on top. Hannah learned that her gentle approach, while feeling zen for her, was more like a confusing puzzle for her kiddos.

Hannah changed course and stopped playing gentle therapist and began being the loving authoritative mom her kids needed.

Fast forward to today, and her house is a haven of the family peace she wanted. The kids still misbehave (because, well, they’re kids), but Hannah responds with calm, confident, loving authoritativeness, and the kids are so much more relaxed because mom doesn’t yell anymore. Hannah sips on serenity like it’s her favorite beverage. She cracked the code: balance. They got the love, they got the rules, and now they’ve got the fun.