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I’m Katherine – Parenting Coach

But my clients call me Coach Kate

If nothing changes, then nothing changes.
Have you heard the definition of insanity?

Doing the same things over and over and expecting a different result.

Do Something Different

Being a mom wasn’t easy for me.

I was a step-mom and had no idea what I was supposed to do. With the support of my husband and my step-children’s mother, plus a loving therapist, I made my way, somewhat clumsily and painfully.

Several years later, my husband and I were blessed with the birth of our son. My family was complete!

And then he turned two.

I realized that biology didn’t matter. I needed serious help. All the parenting ideas from my therapist, classes, books, websites were not working. I reached out to a parenting coach and found the support I needed. I knew I’d found my calling.

The work I did to make the change from an overwhelmed mom to be an effective mom excited me. I overcame my parenting problems and decided I wanted other moms to feel the freedom and joy in parenting that I was so grateful to feel.

You can feel confident in your parenting with support from me as you learn a way of parenting that combines the traditional tried and true with the unconditional love, devotion, and values that you already have.

Ready to make a change?


I get the struggle. The pain is real. For every “This is why I became a mother” moment, there are many moments of frustration, monotony, fear, and insecurity. Effective parenting means knowing how to manage those emotions with love and leadership.


I understand that being partners in love can look differently than being partners in parenting. I support you when and if you and your partner have different parenting approaches.


I am a Certified Leadership Parent Coach (CLPC). I am inspired to help parents learn how to be the loving and effective parents they long to be. 

In a Different Life

I was an actress on the small screen. My acting training comes in handy when I need to keep a straight face during my own parenting challenges. 

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